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"Golden Skies"

By Juan Zapata

Golden Skies Cover

Adrenaline junkies beware, this book will get your pulse racing. The town of Atemhop relies on Malik Zzoha, a university dropout, the son of the governor, Mujadin, to save them from tyranny under Mujadin’s reign. First he must endure unimaginable, cringeworthy pain and suffering before being trained to be a fighter and leader. Banding together, Atemhop forms the Restoration to fight Mujadin and his troops under the influence of Safad al-Din. The heartbreak, torture, passion and action are surreal. Even the most stoic person will get choked up reading Golden Skies. My heart is still racing from the fast paced action.



Golden Skies is available now. Get it here! 



By S. Ghali


Ageless Cover


They say it's hard to walk in someone's shoes. Well, I was definitely walking in Evelyn's shoes in Ageless. Intense emotions, drama, and amazing fantasy. My pulse raced throughout the story as Evelyn tried very hard to figure out who, or what, she is and uncover secrets, lies and the terrible curse placed upon her family. This was one of the BEST stories I have read in a long time! 


Ageless is available now! Get it here!


"Jacob's Orb"

By James L. Mayor

Jacob's Orb Cover

Full of action, non stop excitement, wonder and emotional turmoil. Jacobs Orb is fast paced and will keep you wondering what will happen on the next page. Mysterious danger lurks around every corner. Jacob, Sarly, Darnetta and Deryn must overcome challenges that put them to the ultimate test while they save their families, and their town.  James L. Mayor really knows how to keep things exciting. This riveting journey will keep you on the edge of your seat and have your heart racing. 



Jacob's Orb is available now! Get it here!


"The Magician's Curse"

    By Linda G. Hill

You know you're addicted to something when you cannot give it up no matter how are you try. The Magician's Curse was very addicting. I couldn't put it down. Herman sets out on her own to make a better life for herself. She didn't expect to run into a magical man who had a curse placed on his family. In order to break that curse, Stephan must break the heart of his true love and possibly lose her forever. This heart breaking tale kept me riveted until the very last word. I'm still reeling from the deep emotions and revelations. Such an amazing book. There is more to come for Herman, Stephan, and Nina. I'm excited to know where this journey goes from here.


The Magician's Curse is available now! Get it here!


"A Journey for Truth"

By Emma L. Collins

A Journey For Truth Cover

When life decides to show it's true colors, what other choice do you have but to find out the truth of what really happened.  Elise, her brothers and ex boyfriend go through rough social terrain to find out exactly what happened to Elise when she was a child and who did it her. The mother that never really cared? The father that doted on her out of guilt? Or some stranger that is powerful enough to hide from everyone? Follow Elise while she takes care of her little girl the best she can, owns her own business and tries to keep what family she has left together.  Thrilling and of surprises. Will keep you stuck until the very last word. 


A Journey for Truth is available now! Get it here!


"Black Hearts White Bones"

By William Charles Furney

Action packed, full of drama, heartache, love and dedication. William Charles Furney shares an amazing tale about Anne Bonny and Mary Read and their journey of survival through towns with enemies, dangerous seas, and friendships that hold grudges. When Mary kidnaps Anne's child, Tye, and sails away with him, Anne must do everything in her power to get him back. Even if that means giving up her long time alias of Peg Brennan and becoming the pirate she swore she would never be again. Through trials like Anne's never been through before, she's bound to save Tye, and maybe herself. 


Black Hearts White Bones is available now! Get it here!


"Battling Brelyn"

By Mya Kay

Battling Brelyn CoverThere are many people out there who suffer from incurable diseases. It's a very well known fact, but not many people have the heart and courage to express what it's like living with one. Mya Kay has done a wonderful job portraying what it's like for Brelyn to live with Lupus, a horrible disease that has no cure and will slowly shut down her body. Brelyn is a fifteen year old entrepreneur trying to run her own business, keep her overprotective loving family together, find love, and live with something that will eventually slowly shut down her body. Brelyn is a fighter if nothing else. She's fought to keep her business, Body's by Brelyn, up and running while being in and out of hospital beds. Her clients are supportive of her, for the most part. This heart-wrenching tale of Brelyn's struggle balancing life, love and death is gripping to the very last word. This is a must read. Absolutely loved it from the very first page. 

Battling Brelyn is available now! Get it here!


"All the Elders Orphans"

By Melissa Dykes

There will always be a few people who truly care about others in the world. Fee shows how selfless she really is by helping a young boy she barely knows to find his sister in a world that Fee has tried to avoid. After losing her husband she chose to keep to herself, so her knowledge of the world after the war is very limited. Follow Fee and Jason's journey to find his sister, not knowing if she is even alive, while trying to stay alive themselves. This action packed, heartbreaking tale will have you gripping to the pages waiting to find out what will happen next. 

Melissa Dykes is a talented author that really knows how to bring this broken world to life. Thank you Melissa for sharing a wonderful journey.

All the Elders Orphans is available now! Get it here!


"A Girl Named Calamity"

By Danielle Lori

A Girl Named Calamity CoverCalamity is down on her luck and has to travel across dangerous lands to save herself and the magic that she unknowingly possesses. With the help of an unlucky, dangerously good looking assassin, can she make it safely to her destination and save herself as well as everyone else she encounters? Calamity is young, naive, and sheltered with no knowledge of the outside world. Follow her and her escort on their journey to save everyone from unknown dangers.

I absolutely loved this book. Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. Such a wonderful book, and I cannot wait for the next one to come out so I can read it too. Worth every second as well as the hours extra pining for more.

A Girl Named Calamity is available now! Get it here!


"Return to The Sky"

By Jenny Lynne

Return to The Sky cover

 Jenny Lynne did a wonderful job picking up where Seven an Ten left off. The turmoil between all of the characters and trying to survive in worlds they are not used to is enchanting. It's really hard to give reviews without spoilers, so I'm just going to say, get the book. You won't be disappointed and you definitely won't be bored. There is enough action to keep you entertained throughout the entire book. You also get to find out if Seven and Ten get to meet their baby and are able to be together.

Thanks Jenny for allowing me to read the sequel to your wonderful book. I wasn't disappointed before and surely wasn't this time.

Return to the Sky is available now! Get it here!


"Above The Sky"

By Jenny Lynne

Above the Sky Cover

 I started reading this with little to no knowledge of Dystopian novels. So starting with a clean slate I believe Jenny did a phenomenal job. I didn't want to put it down then entire time I was reading. When I did put it down it's all I could think about. I still can't stop thinking about it. The unique aspect to it(as far as I can tell) drew me in like no others. The fact that I was feeling the emotions of the characters while reading was enchanting. So many twists and turns while answering all my questions as I read. Seven and Ten growing from being naive little kids to being protectors, warriors, and lovers. I loved following their path and I hope we see more of them in the future. 

Above the Sky is available now! Get it here!


"What Sara Said"

    By M.L. Carrington

Have you ever had a fantasy about the one that got away? Most people have. Well, Sara got to live out that fantasy. When her soul mate came back into her life just when she thought she was going to have to live a passionless life forever. Jude provides the passion that Sara has been missing out on only to have a horrible accident open all of their eyes to what true love is about. What Sara said is an emotional roller coaster, living out the dreams that many people never have the opportunity to. The turmoil some people go though of having to choose who they are going to spend the rest of their lives with is relatable to many peoples lives. This could possibly be a true story but it is just a fantasy that others can live through in the eyes of someone who gets to live hers out. Very good read and I am surely looking forward to more. 

What Sara Said is available now! Get it here!


"Tussila's Book I"

By Tussila Springs

The emotions are so strong in this book that the first time I read it I was crying along with her, laughing with her, angry with her. The strength to go on is inspirational itself.If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to live with PTSD this is the perfect book. The paintings are straightforward and inspirational as well. Health care professionals should definitely read this. I cannot imagine the pain she must have gone through to come out strong enough to share her story. It must have taken an immeasurable amount of courage to post her personal diary. Everyone has a different story, Tussila has chosen to share her story with the world. Her desperation, and the road to recovery.
"I have no illness; I have an injury. Who would call a traffic accident victim sick, or ill?" Amazing book. Worth every tear just to have clarity again.

Tussila's Book I is available now. Get it here! 


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